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I thought I’d share my thoughts about why I chose to blog with WordPress and why I’m doing it on my own domain.

The term BLOG comes from web log.

A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.

– http://www.sussexlearningnetwork.org.uk/glossary/B (20/10-08)

I decided that I wanted a place to express my way of thinking when it comes to subjects I’m passionate about. I’d already been blogging for 1-2 years, some posts being about games and design but most being about trivial stuff, like me cooking stroganoff. My stroganoff is the best by the way. The problem is, that blog, although still alive is very unfocused and is really only “useful” for my friends that wants to keep up to date with what I’m doing. That, and for giving bored people something to read.

The URL: http://arkadhallen.blogspot.com (20/10-08)

My hope is that this blog will actually be… well… Interesting. At least for people interested in what I for now will call experience design.

Because honestly, there are three kinds of blogs:

  1. Blogs that people write for their own sakes
  2. Blogs that people write for others
  3. A mix of the two above
I’m thinking this will be numero tres. Of course it’s for my own sake, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. But unlike my other “diary blog” this one might actually offer something for the reader as well. 

The question I asked myself before deciding on WordPress on ArcadeBerg.com was:

“Where should I put my blog?”

The choice wasn’t as abvious as one might think.

I considered using the blog-feature found on many community-sites such as IGN.com being one of, if not THE biggest gaming network or perhaps GiantBomb.com because the community seems great and the site is really web2.0. The only thing I had to do was to compare the pros and cons, right?


  • Big Community
  • The mentioned community consist of gamers 
  • The blog is put in blog-lists and people will have an easy time finding it
  • No personal maintanance needed
  • Overfilled with features I don’t want/need
  • The mentioned community consist of gamers (players, not creaters)
  • Little control over my blog
I quickly reached the conclusion that even if the pros are nice the cons are not. Of course I don’t disrespect gamers in any way (…Look at me, I’m talking about gamers as “them”. I am one!) but I don’t feel that the majority of gamers that’s only interrested in playing games will find this blog appealing.

As an alternative, I thought about setting up my own blog by installing it on one of my domains; systems like perhaps WordPress, Nucleus or whatever. It’s great, you get total control and stuff but it’s such a hassle to keep it updated and prevent hacking, etc. Therefore I discarded that idea as well.

So what I wanted was a scalable blog-system giving me a great deal of control but leaving the hosting to the blog-provider. My other blog I mentioned is hosted by Google’s Blogger. A truly great system indeed, however I didn’t feel that it catered to my needs for this site but WordPress seemed to do just that.

So here I am, on a WordPress-hosted blog using my own domain. Hopefully it’ll all turn out great.

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October 20, 2008 at 8:04 pm

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